Sunday, January 16, 2011

Another Chapter, Another Book

Busy bee. That is me.

Sorry if you missed me. Hope the holidays were good to you. Mine were great! Thanks for asking! :D

Catch up time. In Sept. I was in a wedding in Ohio. Beautiful ceremony in the woods and quite inspiring. Then Oct. came and I had a birthday. Turned the big 2 - 8. I know, horrible, right? The days passed and rolled into Nov. Ta-Da! My husband and I found out we're pregnant. (I think I'm doing most of the work though.) Welcome Thanksgiving and Christmas. Somewhere in there I had sent my manuscript of Bright Pulse to my editor. Got that back at Christmas. Revised, revised, rechecked, then revised again. And now we're ready for the proof copy! Sent that to the printer tonight. In three days it will be mailed and I should have it early next week. Or late next week. I just better get it.

So here's the synopsis:

Shay Beauvalet lived one day at a time, never planning ahead or believing in dreams. After the loss of her father, she distanced herself from others. Love was a luxury better suited for people with more time.

Devin Brandt didn't believe in love. It was overrated, said too often, and a manipulator to gain trust--proven by his father's frequent abandonment. So when Devin's girlfriend dumped him he bought a motorcycle, hoping to impress her.

If it wasn't for a motorcycle, a broken amp, and a notebook, Devin and Shay wouldn't have been drawn together by the intimacy of music. They wouldn't have learned that time is short and that true love never dies.

Keep an eye out in Feb for the release date for Bright Pulse. And if you haven't read Broken Light, start there by clicking on my store.