Saturday, April 24, 2010

What Was I Talking About!?

I believe in my last post I listed numerous things I had to do. One of which was to rework a story from last year. Well... I started. Then I got distracted (Big surprise there) and my brain got slammed with a new book idea. This is how this happens to me:

First, I have questions that can't be answered (ie: I see yellow and blue in that green tree. What colors do you see? or I know how I feel about it, but what about you?) and I think about these questions all the time. So much so that I create my own answers to the What If questions. These answers then turn into the life style of certain characters.

Normally, I have a character and a name (first, middle, and last) all picked out. I know what they want and what they plan to do. The one problem is that just like life, my writing can vary from the original idea because "life" just gets in the way and people (characters included) have to adapt. Therefore, as I write, the characters grow into people whom I feel I've known forever. Problem I was enduring for longer than necessary was that I had the idea and no names for my protagonists. Help!

Secondly, as I answer these questions with a story, which is how only I can answer them, they turn into either a series or a single book. After completeing book 1 of Shadow Reign Chronicles and still needing to follow up on aspects has me feeling overwhelmed and needing to re-read my own book to keep on track. My goal with Broken Light was to NOT do that. I wanted a concise beginning, middle, and end. I suppose you could make a sequel out of it, but it doesn't need it.

Lastly, I've found that no matter how much I re-read my work, I always think it could be better. (This applies to The Lyon's Key, which I need a second pair of eyes for.) I believe that if I'm not impressed, moved, or in love with my characters than no one else will be. Now perhaps I fall in love too easily (I would hope my husband doesn't agree, but... *shrug* whatever) because I loved Bailey as I wrote The Vernore Gene and then I fell hard for Garrett** (and why wouldn't I? He's me!)Damien (The Lyon's Key) is dark and mysterious, but a complete sweetheart, and Luke (or Keller, depending on which you prefer) from Broken Light, has caused me to put aside books by other authors using the same name for their characters.

Right now, I'm in love with Elliott**. (Not that I'm replacing my husband or anything. I don't think he cares anyway.) So, now that I'm working all that out in my head and trying to finish the To Do List, I'm looking for moments of sleep, eating, and fitting in a full-time job, as well as filling the next year with three weddings. Woohoo love!!

Where was I going with all this anyway? Now you know how crazy my mind works and why I can't stay on one topic for too long...

**If you're confused by character names, it's because there isn't a book title ready to be released yet.

Tuesday, April 6, 2010

The Day Has Come

If you've been following my Broken Light excitements and hardships you'll know I've promised a release last Tuesday. Well, it didn't happen because of some stupidity on my behalf. So here we are, April 6, 2010 and I have decided that I am done. Currently, you can purchase the book on my storefront from my printer for $15 and add coupon code SHOWERS (expires April 30 , 2010) and get 10% off. Woohoo!

So what am I doing now?

1. Still waiting for the finished sketches to be painted for Friendship Cheese.
2. Reworking a story from a year ago.
3. Planning on submitting The Lyon's Key to Flux for possible traditional publishing.
4. Ghostwriting a true-story/memoir about the holocaust.
5. Catching up on my reading.
6. Working on VG2.

Fun, Fun, Fun!