Sunday, January 10, 2010

Oh, the world of blogs...

Have you ever heard of the comic strip Pearls Before Swine? It's funny, if you like that sort of thing. Here's one that specifically has to do with this and any other blog you may read:

Pearls Before Swine free online comic strip library at

The reason for this strip is that blogs, yes can be an out of control trend, but also they make writing that more accessible. For those of us who prefer to do nothing else, this isn't an option. I like to peruse the blogspot database and see what others are writing about. One happened to remind me of what my ms' (manuscripts) go through. The blog outlined how the woman's husband, who is not a particularly artsy person, in fact she refers to him as "sciencey," reviews her ms and points out all the discrepancies. I do not submit my husband to this for the sole reason that "he doesn't care for the mushy stuff." I believe that means he doesn't like "romance."

As a writer, I already know everything that's taken place or that's ever going to take place in any story I write. I'm a little biased as to how things read and whether it makes sense. So, I rely on my mother. I live by my own belief that says, "If she can understand it, anyone can." Which is true, technically. Even though I get frustrated and only want to finish, I find it annoying that I have to explain what she's already read and how it pertains to what she's currently reading. It all works out for the better in the end.

The one flaw in all of this is that she has the same problem with movies. "Who's that guy?" "Oh my, is she gonna die!?" and "How'd he frame her? I don't remember him sticking that into her pocket!" You can see why I wonder what she's able to retain and how she connects clues together. It's a good thing I don't write mysteries!

By the end of about two weeks of working through the ms with my mother, I find I'm glad to be finished but still frustrated and annoyed. I still put myself through this every time and not so she can praise me and smother me with pride, but because when I take it to the editor and show her, I can feel that the clarity is there and everyone can understand what I want them to. Of course, I have to hold back for the sequels.

Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Crazy! CRazy! CRAZY!

Things have been INSANE lately. And I owe it all to the holidays and work. I have had no time to myself or to devote to writing. I've spent snippets of time on analyzing how I prepare a story, the outline, and deciphering the point I'm trying to make. Lately, though, I've spent more time on making sure I get the synopsis right for The Lyon's Key. I know I only have one done and yet I still need to rework it. It tells a lot without giving too much away. I still think I need to "fix" it.

Many have "begged" me to go back and work on book 2 of The Vernore Gene but I haven't had time to do that or to work out the outline anymore than what I've started. I'm am pleased with the process (as slow as it is) of the marketing for it. I do have to restock the comic shop in Canandaigua and I need to find some free reviews for it.

I haven't had time to read much, with the exception of the long holiday weekends which allowed me to kill two books. I'm slowly reaching my goal of 1,000 read books on

You know what's also a pain? SNOW! That stuff has to be removed from the driveway ALL THE TIME! Why is that? If I could afford it, I'd buy like 40 heating blankets and lay them on the driveway and turn 'em on so the snow wouldn't stick around. Of course then I'd end up with an electrical fire that my neighbors wouldn't be happy about but so what... that's what insurance is for right? (Oh wait, that would be my insurance paying for their fire, not good.)

So, a good thing that happened today was when my husband must have had a down time at work and looked me up on Apparently, someone has me listed as an "Indie Author Worth Their Salt" or something to that effect anyway. It felt good to hear about that. I also have some good reviews on goodreads if you haven't scanned the sidebar and seen the grade.

Oh, oh, oh! My website is back to working better now. I mean it worked before, but I couldn't update it, which was why the last update was in Sept '09. So now I can make changes again and move some things around. I've wanted to rework it and make it more book oriented instead of random info. My forums are still there so if you'd like to start one or join in on an existing one I'd be glad to chat with you or answer any questions about my books or writing in general.

And last good news of 2010 (and it only just started!) I now have one day off work a week. Cool beans! (Maybe I'll get more writing done.) Okay, enough babbling and ranting for now. Long overdue, I know. Hopefully my next entry will be more oriented toward my writing and how I plan out a story.